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Tablea Lava Cake


Dark chocolate gelato with tablea cake and our own tablea hazelnut sauce recipe

*Contains hazelnuts and eggs

Every scoop of Manila Creamery gelato tells our story: from our days at gelato university in Italy, to our signature style that meshes together classic techniques and innovative Filipino craftsmanship to create the flavors you love!

We take you around the Philippines (and even the world!) with flavors made from the best of local produce and premium ingredients—you’re sure to discover a scoop that’s perfect for you! 

Every scoop of our gelato brings you:

  • Authentic flavor. We use carefully sourced local and imported ingredients to bring out maximum flavor of each gelato.
  • Timeless craftsmanship. We make our flavors using a slow churning process for gelato that’s dense and flavorful!

1 pint is good for 4 servings

1 half gallon is good for 15 servings

Where do you deliver?
Our coverage is within Metro Manila.

How long will it take to receive my orders?
1-3 working days.

Will my gelato melt while being transported?
We guarantee that your gelato will be frozen upon arrival.

How do I store gelato properly?
We suggest that you put it at the coldest section of your freezer, ideally at the back or at the bottom. We discourage putting it close to the freezer door as this can cause further ice crystallization which in return will affect the texture.



1. You'll lose all the air which makes it light and creamy. 

2. Refreezing forms new ice crystals

3. Refreezing makes the base sweeter.
4. Leaving the gelato out to melt in room temperature is potentially unsafe. Just like any dairy product, if left out in room temperature, harmful bacteria could begin to grow.

We guarantee that your gelato will arrive frozen.

The rest is up to you!

Please check out our FAQ's page on how to store them properly.

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Tablea Lava Cake