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MC Gift Box

A melt-your-heart kind of present

exclusive Holiday flavors

Spiced Apple Chai

Chai gelato, apple, oats, and cookie caramel

exclusive holiday flavors

Mint Choco Chip

Peppermint gelato with dark choco chip

exclusive holiday falvors

Carrot Cake

Cream cheese gelato with carrot cake, walnuts


Our gelato is made to order using fresh and carefully sourced ingredients, for a perfect scoop every time!

Lead Time

Get your fresh gelato in 1-3 days


We deliver straight to your doorstep within Metro Manila.

Manila Creamery’s winning formula is a good creamy base, one that’s scoopable even when frozen, churned with the genius of Jason Go and Paolo Reyes who always deliver what they promise. When they say Mangga’t Suman or Burnt Rice, you can expect to get hit with exactly those flavors and get tickled with the textures.

Angelo Comsti

Up till now when people ask me about which my favourites are, the list just goes on so long I think I might just be enumerating their entire menu. Each menu item is an exciting explosion of individual character, flavour, and texture - each leading the consumer towards a different local experience.

Jerick Kho

It became a much bigger brand quickly and its owners quickly embraced their own identity in the gelato scene, embracing bold local flavors and using more techniques. Eventually they've even moved on the composed desserts, each displaying their own signature local flair.

Sasha Mariposa